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Wilderness Survival Adventure True Story

September 26, 2010 By: admin Category: Books

Wilderness Survival Adventure – A True Story!

Through a good friend of mine, I recently met someone with an amazing true story of surviving in the outdoors. Completly lost in the Big Horn Mountains, alone and with almost no chance of making it out alive.
In these busy times and hectic schedules, we like to enjoy a scenic drive to travel to breath-takingly beautiful wilderness and nature reserves. Easy to forget that just a simple mis-communication or wrong trail can lead to getting  lost very quickly and being at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Now a published Author, Mark Smiley tells of his real-life hunting adventure story and survival skills, lost amongst the huge boulders of Goose Creek. Here are some details from the Press Release on his book – Surviving The Big Horns, Down The Goose.


Traversing an unrelenting mountainous landscape through frigid waters in a chasm between towering boulders, Mark battles nature for his very survival. Suddenly lost, hunting survival skills plus the sheer will to live, allowed Mark to survive this amazing adventure when the previous nine people to attempt this treacherous passage perished.
This true story is a page turner sure to keep the reader engaged.

Following the release of his book Surviving The Big Horns – Down The Goose, author Mark Smiley now enjoys attending book signings and educational live appearances nationwide.

News and details of Upcoming Events:

Book-Signing Event.
North Star Press. Author Book Signing Show.
Midwest Booksellers Trade Show.
SAT – October 2nd, 2010.
St Paul RiverCentre (www.rivercentre.org)
199 Kellogg Blvd W
St Paul, MN 55102.

11:00am: Author Mark Smiley with Surviving the Big Horns (also appearing – Jeff Vaala with Past Due)

Meet Mark Smiley and get a personally signed copy of his amazing and true wilderness adventure story – Surviving The Big Horns, Down The Goose.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear him speak and talk about this real life survival trek down Goose Creek, lost in the Big Horn Mountains, WY.


Mark is actually a Minnesota native, having been born in St. Cloud MN. He grew up in the small town of Savage, MN. where he attended St. John’s Catholic School.  He was a high school athlete, playing football and baseball. Currently he also operates Smiley Cup Coffee Drive-Through in Mankato, Minnesota.

I am fortunate to be able to converse with Mark occasionally now and it still amazes me how he was able to remain calm and level-headed in a time of extreme stress. A lesson to all I imagine, on how making the ‘effort’ to analyze your situation and think through your logical options is critical for survival mentally and physically; it can on the rare occasion mean life or death.

Some great tips in the book for outdoor/camping survival skills and a portion of the sales from the book are going to foodshelf and homeless charities that Mark is associated with.

If you are in the area, you should try and catch up with Mark at one of the upcoming Book-Signing Events mentioned; tell him I said Hello.

An inspiring story and a great read, well done Mark. Your comments are welcome here or on Mark’s Surviving The Big Horns book Website. Highly recommended.

Wayne G.
Marketing Director.